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The German Championship 2023 Successes

The German Championship were very successful for us, we were able to accomplish the Vize-Champion title in the senior class and as a result, qualified for the World Championship in Singapore. In addition, we were able to secure an award for the best engineering portfolio and the best pit display. Now we are starting to prepare for the World Championship 2023 in Singapore.

German Championships 2023

After qualifying for the German Championship we had to start preparing immediately because we only had 3 months to develop a new car, improve the banner and portfolios as well as to producing the car. We are really looking forward to the championship and hope that we can qualify for the World Championships in Singapure.

The South German Championship 2023 Successes

The South Germans were very successful for us, we were able to finish the championships as the second best senior team and as state champion of Baden-Württemberg. In addition, we were able to secure an award for the best presentation. Now we start to prepare for the German Championship 2023 in Sindelfingen.

Southern German Championships 2023

Once again Formular 1 starts in school and we are back!
After our very successful last season, in which we became vice-champions in the junior class, we will compete again this year. However, we do this with a new team and are no longer in the junior class, but in the senior class.

Who we are

We are a student trio from the german gymnasium Unterrieden that takes part in the world wide competition of formular 1 in schools.  It was our second year competing and our first year in the senior category.  If you want to learn more about us, please click the button down below.

Formel 1 in der Schule

Formula 1 at school is a multi-disciplinary, international technology competition in which schoolchildren aged 11 to 19 develop, build and then race their miniature Formula 1 racing car against other cars.
The aim is to take advantage of the fascination and global presence of “big” Formula 1 to create an exciting learning experience for young people, thus improving their understanding and insight into the fields of product development, technology and science, and highlighting careers in engineering.
In regional competitions and national championships, the cars powered by gas cartridges compete against each other on a 20 m long race track. The winning team represents its state at the German Championship. The decisive factor is team performance from design, production, reaction time, vehicle speed, business plan and presentation.

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